Defining and providing the ultimate client experience

Your agency's clients already have a perception of their experience, despite the length of time spent as a client.

To help understand your clients' current experience, ask yourself:

  • What would they say about their experience?
  • How does that compare to what you want them to say?

In the busyness of the day, we sometimes forget that every time we connect with a client; face-to-face, on the phone, in emails, letters, invoices, statements etc., we're contributing to that client's total overall experience. On one hand, we may create a great experience during a claims process, but that can easily go by the wayside with the next interaction on a billing issue.

To enhance your client experience and keep it consistent, you should first determine what you want the client experience to be. So, how do you get started?

  • Brainstorm — talk with your peers about words that represent what you want your clients to feel and receive from your interactions with them.
  • Group your thoughts — put them into five or fewer "experience" words or phrases, such as "knowledgeable", "always there", "reassuring", etc.
  • Choose images — these should symbolize your client experience words or phrases. For example, many of us love brands like Starbucks, Disney, or Amazon; all well-known for a great customer experience. What does it mean to be more "Starbucks-like" and how does it play a role in improving your agency client experience?

Once you've defined it, think about what you can do within every interaction to positively impact the client experience and achieve the outcome you strive for.

Loyal customers are one of your agency's most valuable assets.

It's worth the time to think about the experience you want your clients to have with your organization. Then, take the right steps to achieve it.