COVID-19 and sickness prevention center

COVID-19 information center

COVID-19 continues to challenge all of us.

At The Hanover, we are open for business. That means being thoughtful about the health and well-being of everyone we employ, do business with and those that share our home communities. Our COVID-19 and sickness prevention resource center can help keep you informed.



Keep your business moving forward

COVID-19 presents an on-going, disruptive challenge to your business. With Hanover Risk Solutions, you have the resources to create a proactive plan to help keep your employees safe, prepare your business for emergencies and respond quickly to a workplace injury. 



More information from reliable sources

With updates and details about the pandemic emerging by the minute, in addition to directives from the federal government, and local and state officials where we have customers, we are relying on the following sources to help manage our business operations.



How to stay connected to your policy

The Hanover offers ways that you can manage your account remotely and limit contact during the claims process. Registering for an account or downloading our mobile app is the best way to get started.



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