Turning touchpoints into opportunities

In today's competitive environment, it's important to think of yourself as your clients' trusted advisor, helping them make the right decisions to fully protect their business. Clients want expert advice, so it's important to find the right balance of touchpoints to enable you to provide expert advice within a busy agency environment.

Any service request or call from a client is an opportunity to build your relationship. After fulfilling the request, offering proactive service can help your client feel confident that you are their trusted advisor.

Examples of proactive service conversations include:

  • Asking if you can quote a policy you don't currently write:
    "It may be more efficient for you to have all policies in one place. May I ask why our agency doesn't handle your commercial auto insurance?"
  • Suggesting related coverages or increased limits related to the request or that provide more well-rounded protection for the business:
    "Since your business is growing, Mr. Smith, now may be a good time to add employment practices liability coverage to protect your business. May I quote that coverage for you today?" 
    "We're experiencing much larger claims payouts in this area and would recommend you consider enhancing that coverage."
  • Leveraging an established strong relationship by asking for referrals:
    "You've been a satisfied client with us for a long time. Do you know of any other businesses that could benefit from our insurance services?"

Keeping these opportunistic touchpoints in mind when working with clients can help you bring even more value to customers while growing your book of business and improving customer retention.

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